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Ocha teapot for making 2 teacups.

This is the model used in Max Brenner Chocolate Shops around the globe.

It's the tea pot that sits on top of cup and pours from the bottom.

Its award-winning, patented design makes it the easiest and most fun way to brew tea.

Watch the video to see what the hype is all about!


ocha dispenser teapot 500 ml 1  Use any leaf tea 

ocha dispenser teapot 500 ml 2 Add hot water and let steep

ocha dispenser teapot 500 ml 3 Place on top of any teacup






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Brews the best cup of tea !

I use my ocha pot 3 times a day . It seems to brew very well maybe due to the large surface area ? Any way my favorite way to start the day is with a pot of Russian Caravan Tea .

The best!

Excellent teapot! Fnally I found it! Fast delivery to Moscow, Russia.

Pretty classy

Has a little plastic smell from time to time but overall it is very nice!

Awesome teapot

This teapot are really great and comfortable ... and little magic ^^ Fast delivery to Saint-Petersburg and pleasent chat with seller. Thanks that you make it!

Best Tea i've used

this is the best tea pot i have ever owned, easy to clean and built to last

So Cute!

The teapot is super cute! Very easy to use, and a talking point for everyone who sees it. Delivery was fast.

Bestest Teapot ever

Love different teas and having this pot right next to me, just makes life wonderful, meaning I can have 2 hot drinks just close on hand and I don't want to share (lol)

Brewed tea to perfection

The Ocha teapot delivers nicely brewed tea without a trace of the tea leaves. The delivery method is unique and a great talking point.