How long will it take to deliver my order?

When you finish your order you'll be asked to choose between 2 shipping methods:

1. Economy Air Mail

  • The cheaper, slower and more popular shipping method.
  • Normally delivers within 3-4 weeks* from your order. 
  • There is no online tracking for this method, except for USA customers (see Order Tracking).

2. EMS or Eco Post

  • The quicker, more expensive shipping method.
  • Normally delivers to USA and Europe within 6-8 business days* from your order, and to Australia and Asia within 8-10 business days*.
  • Provides basic Order Tracking of your shipment's progress.


After you complete your order and your payment is received on our side, we will pack and ship your order within 5 business days.

  • When you pay by credit card (via PayPal), we will usually receive your payment immediately. 
  • When you pay by e-check (via PayPal), it may take up to 5 business days for your e-check to clear, and hence for us to start handling your order.


*Above time estimates do not include any delays made AFTER your package arrives in your country, for example, delays caused by your country's customs or port authorities. CHRISTMAS DISCLAIMER: Although we strive to ship all orders within the above time estimates, shipping may be slower before the holiday season. PLEASE UNDERSTAND WE CANNOT GUARANTEE FOR 100% THAT YOUR ORDER WILL ARRIVE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.


Please don't hestitate to CONTACT US if you still have any questions.