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Ocha teapot for making 4 teacups.

Similar to the model used in Max Brenner Chocolate shops, only bigger size.

It's the tea pot that sits on top of cup and pours from the bottom.

Its award-winning, patented design makes it the easiest and most fun way to brew tea.

Watch the video to see what the hype is all about!


ocha dispenser teapot 900 ml 1  Use any leaf tea 

ocha dispenser teapot 900 ml 2 Add hot water and let steep

ocha dispenser teapot 900 ml  3 Place on top of any teacup


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Awesome Teapot

Wendy Hardaker on 15th Mar 2016

This is without a doubt the best teapot I have ever used. It is simple to use and the strainer is super fine. We have used teabags for many years and my husband was not keen to change because neither of us enjoy getting a mouthful of tea leaves at the end of the cup. He is now a convert as well. Our friends are all amazed when I make them a cup.

Wonderful invention to improve tea brewing

21st Dec 2015

As an avid tea drinker, I like the purity of drinking loose leaf tea. The Ocha Teapot adds to my overall experience. It is really unique and fun too!

powerful pot

christina on 11th Oct 2014

Love the Ocha pot the way you brew the tea in it how amazing it is to friends and family when you pour one out for them. Love to make my chocolate tea from it comes out so yummy in this than just using the brewer. l thank max Brenner for showing me this pot.

You sould advertise these more and you will sell more of them TRust me

Janet on 21st Jul 2013

advertise more efficiently and you will sell more of them they are fantastic

Max Brennar uses these in his shop!!

Sharon on 5th Oct 2012

I saw these at Max Brennar and loved it and had to have one. They are such a great way to brew loose leaf tea without the need for messy strainers!